Intake Coordinator - Bethel Mission (Des Moines) - FT and PT

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Posted on August 29, 2023

Intake Coordinator

Review Statements of Faith, Core Values, Statement of Purpose, and Qualifications for Employment. Are you in agreement with them? 

Note: this job has a Bonafide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) - Male.

We have one full-time shift available: 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. Fri-Tue.
We also have a part-time shift available (24 hours/wk): 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Fri and Sat.


The Men’s Intake Coordinator is often the first impression we give to residents and the community; therefore, it is crucial that this person be knowledgeable and positively reflect the various aspects of Hope Ministries. This position is focused on customer service, safety, and security, along with a variety of clerical duties, all of which offer help and hope to those who come through our doors.


  • Monitor and authorize entrance of male residents along with guests, donors, and volunteers to maintain security of the premises. Maintain security throughout the facility including securing doors, performing routine locker searches, and viewing security cameras.
  • Respond to interior alarms and investigate disturbances inside and outside the facility (such as tornado, fire, emergency exits, and fights or arguments) requiring the ability to detect and assess problems, analyze information, and determine a best solution. Follow established procedures and guidelines to ensure safety for residents and security of the property, including making phone calls to police and fire departments in cases of emergency.
  • Write accurate and legible reports on a “shift report sheet” documenting resident check-ins, check-outs, dismissals, rules violations, work details, and unusual occurrences. Providing information to supervisor & co-workers by telephone, in written form, and in person.
  • Copy, sort, and file records of program activities. Receive and record In-Kind and monetary donations according to standard policy. Collect, count, and accurately document and secure program fee payment from residents. Route incoming mail and prepare outgoing mail for residents and staff.
  • Enforce rules, regulations, and policies of Hope Ministries with resident guests using individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with standards. Warn persons of rule infractions and violations, including evicting violators from the premises.
  • Answer telephone calls to take messages, transfer calls, answer questions & provide information. Communicate with residents, employees, donors, volunteers, and other individuals to answer questions, explain information, & address complaints.  Includes representing the organization to persons outside of it through writing, in person, and by telephone.
  • Provide assistance to, and care for, those who Hope Ministries serves. Assisting in very general First Aid, calling 911 or Crisis Response Team. Listening and offering guidance, support, and encouragement to residents. Ensuring that each resident has necessities (towels, bedding, clothing, hygiene items) by handing these out during check ins and during resident shower times.
  • Inspect the facility (interior) and properties (exterior) by doing “rounds” during each shift. Includes addressing and reporting suspicious activity, moving along loiterers, and conducting an overnight walk through of three dormitories to ensure an accurate count of residents.
  • Pack up belongings of residents who have moved out or been dismissed, placing them in the storage room for later retrieval. Remove and discard belongings which have been stored by Hope Ministries for more than 3 days.
  • Participate in the spiritual growth and Christian instruction of those who Hope Ministries serves. This can include (but is not restricted to) personal mentoring, the sharing of Scriptures and Biblical encouragement, and praying with program participants. This may be in a structured setting (i.e., a classroom or chapel), or unstructured, with individual clients as the need arises.


The Men’s Intake Coordinator job requires much contact with others both inside and outside the organization, face-to-face & by phone. A large volume of telephone calls will be taken during the course of a shift. Interactions with residents, donors, volunteers, staff, and the public occur regularly and are crucial to operations at Hope Ministries. Decision making will happen often and should be made according to established rules, regulations, policies, and directives. The Bethel Mission facility serves homeless men, many having drug and alcohol addictions, and has a capacity of 110 beds. This position will work in direct proximity with residents including areas such as sleeping areas & shower and restroom facilities. The Men’s Intake Coordinator enjoys a significant amount of task variety done within a high degree of structure. Most work will be conducted indoors in environmentally controlled conditions; however, a small percentage of work will be done outside as well.


Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills. High school diploma or GED equivalent. Ability to use multi-line telephone systems and copy, fax, and scan documents. (Male – BFOQ) 

Review Statements of Faith, Core Values, Statement of Purpose, and Qualifications for Employment. Are you in agreement with them?