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River Dell Board of Education   River Edge, NJ   Full-time     Education
Posted on May 1, 2022



7-12 School District

2022-2023 School Year

  • Music Teacher– Full Time, Tenure Track
    Choral emphasis, piano skills necessary.
  • School Nurse-Aide
    Assist School Nurse, R.N. license, AED & CPR registration required.

    NJ DOE Cert(s) required. Send resume and letter of interest to:

Statement of Policy
In an effort to ensure and enhance the possibilities for excellence in the education of our children in a free society, the Board of Education presents and endorses this statement of policy because of its conviction that:
A. The public schools belong in every sense to the people who created them by consent, and support them by taxation.
B. The schools are only as strong as and no stronger than the informed support of the people of the community.
C. The support of the people is based upon their knowledge of the aims and efforts of the public schools.
The Design and Intent:
The Board of Education believes that school district community relations is not solely an information program, but encompasses all aspects of the school’s relationship with the total community.
The Board of Education believes its school-community relations program should:
A. Promote public interest and participation in the operation of the school system;
B. Gather information about public attitudes toward the school system and its programs and report them to the Superintendent and the board;
C. Provide an honest, continuous, comprehensive flow of information about the policies, procedures, programs, problems and progress of the school system to the community and the staff;
D. Develop effective means of communication with the school system's public and use available media as appropriate;
E. Develop programs in the schools that will integrate home, school, and community in meeting the needs of district students;
F. Develop and maintain the confidence of the community in the school board and the school staff;
G. Develop a climate that attracts and retains good teachers and encourages staff to strive for excellence in the educational program;
H. Anticipate and forestall problems that are brought about by lack of understanding;
I. Evaluate past procedures in order to make improvements in future communications.